I don't wanna be airbrushed...

I don't wanna be airbrushed...

Hi everyone. This has been a tough week, because of some dreams i had. 2 years ago i moved from a block to a house, and now i keep having dreams about the block i used to live, i miss it so much… i miss my appartment, i miss the children i used to play with, i miss the big green trees that were always protecting us from rain, when we were still staying outside… i miss playing with the ball, and keep throwing it into gardens and old people kept yelling at me… i miss the park, the past school… most important of all, i miss the moments when no matter when i was going, i wanted to come back home. That’s my home, that appartment will always be! I don’t care about the new house, i don’t care that now i have my own room, i want to still be living there. I was a fool that in the whole summer holiday i haven’t been there, not even once. I haven’t seen the block since i moved out. But i guess i’m a little bit scared to go there… i don’t want to go and see that things have changed, it would be a living nightmare. So i’ll wait a little bit longer until i’ll shake this feeling. School starts, i’ll be able to go in a weekend i guess..

I found a song that remind me of my old home.. actually.. my home. Denisse Lara – airbrushed

Airbrushed—Denisse-Lara.. click to listen



I can’t believe that i finally have reached 1000 hits! I mean for you guys who have domains is easy, but from where i stand… and i just made it on 1 September, so 6-7 days passed.

I am so so happy so today i’m gonna do an update. I’ll add them in a moment, i’ll edit the post when i do.

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This is my first brush set EVER! I thought that.. this occasion deserves something special :]. I hope you like the brush set!

    There’s also something important i have to ask:

    What celebrity graphics you want to see next?

    Just say the name (example: ‘Miley Cyrus’, ‘Britney’, whatever).


    Posted on: September 5, 2009

    Oh god...

    Oh god...

    Oh god, i just downloaded the latest wordpress version and i have NO IDEA on how to install it..  i read the Readme file over and over.. and over… and.. the 5-minute-instalation at me is.. 1-hour-of-time-wasted. I have no idea what to do with all that SQL or whatever it is … god!

    I‘m just like a blind person, i have no idea where to go next…

    Can anyone please help me?

    New graphics

    New graphics

    Hello guys! ^^ So i added some new graphics:

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    I really hope you like them as much as i do.

    Now talking about nails (lol what a subject ^^’). I am so excited, because tomorrow i’m getting my nails done and i’m really confident cause i know they’re gonna radiate! I’ll edit this post tomorrow and i’ll put an image with my new brand nails :]. You might be wondering why i am so excited… my nails always suck, because i have lack of calcium, and because of that, nails either don’t grow or if they do, they don’t last long also because of the calcium, cause they’re really fragile and i always break them. So tomorrow i’m putting false nails that last a lot longer than my natural ones ^^’. Though i’m kinda unsure on what pattern should i have, do you know cool patterns for nails? If yes, please give me links, so i’ll know how i’ll have them done tomorrow, it will be very sweet of you guys to help me :].

    [ E D I T ]

    My nails

    So i FINALLY have my nails looking good, for the first time ever! Though you can’t imagine what horrible things i had to endure!

    Let me tell you the story!
    So my friend offered to make my nails look awesome, and for free, cause she’s my friend duh and she is just starting, so she needs, well… someone to test on ^^.

    So she began to make my nails better and better, but then she started addinga gel. Then i was supposed to put my hand inside of a lantern or lamp or how is it called, so that they’ll dry. MY GOD you can’t even begin to imagine what tremendouse pain comes through your nails and hands, is like they’re about to burn, and i’m not kidding at all! In my entire life, full of hits, and palms, and getting hit by a car (but nothing happened, don’t worry), i never EVER felt this pain before! So if you’re going to make your nails with gel, i’m warning you: stay inside the lantern 4 seconds, then pull it out, then add it again and so on. The pain will still be, but not all at once.  The ones who had their nails with gel, you might know what i’m talking bout. They’re false nails, of course, i would never had them this long, but they will be gotten off in a month, so they resist a lot! I also want next time to have a piercing on one of my nails :].

    I endure lots and lots of pain for a noble cause: my new gorgeous nails! in the picture you can’t see the real pattern as it is, but you can make an idea about it.I chose the colors: of course it had to have azure, my fave color. Is nothing too cluttered, i go by “less is more”!

    And it is true! I could write a lot easier with my nails less long. Now i see them huge, i can hardly type ^^’ Not to talki about my cellphone, i had to press 10 times a button to give a command. But it takes a while until i’ll get used to them, knowing the fact that i never had them this long, much less all with the same size ^^’

    So guys i hope you like them too… and you can still give me nail patterns on each new blog post, cause now i’m having the nails done each month, for free! ^^ Wonder why i still want to have nails after the hell i lived through with that lantern? Cause i love them, and despite the pain,it was all worth it. Besides, the pain lasts about 6 seconds or so… so i can take this again, and again! ^^ I’m much stronger than i seem.. although that lantern gives me creeps!

    I can't believe what i just heard!

    I can't believe what i just heard!

    The story goes like this: i was updating my blog today, when my friend called me. We talked about crap and then she told me somenthing.

    I know that in Romania, people are totally nuts, just like me, and each year children are doing things much much more quick than we did when we were at their age. She told me

    “Me and my sister had guests today and a boy that was 9 years old began to talk with my sister (her sister is also 9 years old) and i just heard what they were talking about. That boy told her that he began drinking liquor and whisky, beer, all he could found. And i know he’s telling the truth because his parents are desperate, they don’t know where to hide the drink anymore, cause he finds the bottles immediately!”.

    Okay that is SO wrong! I started .. well not drinking, tasting beer and all that stuff, and i’m still not drinking… (even if i am really crazy, i value my life). At his age, he could get in serious problems, like alcohol coma or how is it said in english… parents shouldn’t buy ANY drinks anymore, not just hide them, if they know that the kid will anyway find them. I am really surprised that he has no problems so far. What do you guys think his parents should do?

    All done, now is time for a short story

    All done, now is time for a short story

    Ok so i added all the needed pages, the graphics, the bla bla, whatever, you can see by yourself.

    But GOD i am so tired! (no wonder, i haven’t slept for… 30 hours!!) Yeah i know it sounds crazy but today (or tomorrow, i don’t even know what day it was) i drank for the first time coffee. And not just a cup, but 3! + 1 beer, cause i had guests. And i feel like fainting, but if i try to sleep (believe me, i tried about 5 times), my eyes are tired, but they just won’t close! I mean i am tired, but i can’t sleep, did this ever happened to you? o.O

    Weird! But i’m curious how many more hours i will stay awake! Wish me luck on not fainting! ^^

    I finally have a blog

    I finally have a blog

    Hello everyone! ^^ So this is AzureColor, or you can simply call it Azure. I’m Ella, i’m 15 (so far..) and i’m super glad to finally have a blog! It will contain graphics too, not just boring stories about me, so don’t worry! ^^

    By the way, here i’ll only put non-anime graphix, cause i already have an anime site with graphics made by me ( ), go check it out if ya want! ^^

    You can see how i work from the avatar in the right side.. yeah it was made by me.

    So.. i hope you guys will enjoy Azure and… well.. wait for the updates! Sayonara!

    Birthday: May 21
    Location: Romania
    Site birthday: 1 September
    If you want to know more about me, check the 'About me' page.


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